The Sport Performance Speaker Series program is back in full swing for the start of the school year and fall season!

Beginning this week, we will be releasing the first webinar in a series of four Mental Performance presentations from Mental Performance Consultant Dr. Bruce Pinel.

This webinar will be available upon request through our Speaker Series On-Demand page September 7th.

Transition Phase: Debriefing and Decision-Making for Health, Wellness, and Performance
This session will explore the challenges and strategies that athletes can face when moving into the offseason including reduced training loads, changes to daily routines, lack of structure and accountability, and involvement in other life/social activities. Strategies around debriefing and decision-making to maximize the benefit of the transition phase with health, wellness, and performance as part of the framework.

Later in the month we will then release the first presentation in our four-part series on the topic of Nutrition featuring CSI Pacific Performance Dietitian Ashley Armstrong. Similar to the above webinar, this one will be available upon request through the Speaker Series On-Demand page September 19th.

Nutrition through the Training Cycle
This session will explore the challenges athletes can face when moving into the offseason when training load is significantly reduced. Nutrition strategies addressed will include periodized nutrition, optimizing satiety, mindful eating practices, and recognizing hunger cues. Recommendations from this session can also be used during taper periods before competition

Lastly, on September 27th, we will be hosting a live Speaker Series event in Whistler that will be simultaneously streamed to the rest of the provincial network.

Open to any registered athlete, coach, parent, or PSO partner, we are bringing in Anastasia Chomlack to speak on the subject of social media and boosting your brand. This follows up our fantastic presentation earlier in the summer from Sean Hayes on a similar topic (available on-demand). Event registration is now live and can be accessed on our upcoming Sport Performance Speaker Series events page.

Being Intentional with Social Media Influence and Boost Your Personal Brand
It’s likely you know at least one person who speaks in hashtags and live posts everything from their training to meal prep. It’s less common to find people actively using social media as a tool to boost their productivity, deepen their creativity, and enhance their careers. Whether you spend all your time on social media, or avoid it altogether, you may be overlooking an effective tool to plan for success and connect with your community.

This workshop is designed to give you the tools to put Instagram to work for you whether you are a pro user or just need it broken down into simple steps. We will cover everything from crafting your Instagram bio to clarifying your visual values and appealing to your target market.