BC Artistic Swimming is excited to announce the launch of EVOLVE - our innovative project focused on shifting the culture of artistic swimming in BC to create a healthier space for children and youth to grow up, for people to swim, work, and volunteer, and one that is collaborative, inclusive, and self-reflective.

This is a ground-breaking project in Canadian sport resulting in BC Artistic Swimming and our partner, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, being awarded a significant Innovation grant from Sport Canada. We are grateful to all of you that supported our application.

We all have a role in this project. So, what does EVOLVE mean for you?

It means we are going to ask each of you to be open to sharing your challenges, insights, and wisdom. It means a willingness to reflect individually on your role in our current climate, to be open to personal change, and to recognize that each of us has something to offer to help us to be better. It means being thoughtful about how we communicate with one another. And it means working with the remarkable team we have put together for this project. They are here to work with you on the challenges you face in your clubs and with your colleagues across BC, and the ones that the province must address together.

Geoff Ayi-Bonte (New History Consulting) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (psychotherapist) and a Personal & Organizational Transformation Consultant. We are inspired by Geoff’s ability to zero in on the heart of the matter, his focus on positive sport, and the transformation he has facilitated with organizations like Fraser Health. Over the next few months, Geoff will undertake a discovery process and many of you will be invited to meet with him one-on-one (virtually) to share your experiences, concerns, and hopes. This will help him “diagnose” our organization and develop effective strategies to move forward.

Nadia Kyba (Now What Facilitation) is a Registered Social Worker and an instructor with the Justice Institute, who specializes in conflict management. We are inspired by Nadia’s focus on normalizing conflict (because we all know it’s not going away) and creating positive experiences in sport for all involved. With her recently published book (This is How We Roll) as a resource, Nadia will be working directly with clubs, teams, and groups of colleagues to support the specific challenges you face and to facilitate effective communication and conflict resolution strategies.

Diane Culver (University of Ottawa) is an associate professor in the School of Human Kinetics. Diane is our lead researcher and will be undertaking a formal evaluation of this initiative. Many of you can expect to hear from her to participate in pre- and post-project surveys and case studies, with the intention that her findings will be shared with our membership and possibly published.

Please save the date for key events where we will be working and celebrating together as a province:


  • April 30Club executive and coaches’ meeting will initiate our EVOLVE pathway and introduce development opportunities.
  • May 7 – Led by Cari Din, this coach development webinar will introduce BC’s coaches to “Growth Mindset Coaching
  • June 13 & 14 – The annual “Year-End Meeting” will be held in an online setting and will be open to include other club representatives with sessions led by staff and our team of experts.
  • September 18-20* – BCAS is hosting Canada Artistic Swimming’s Convention, which will focus on shifting artistic swimming culture nation-wide. This event replaces the 2020 BCAS Summit and will include breakout sessions for BC. It will also be the kick-off for BC’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations
  • December 5 or 12*BCAS Annual Awards Celebration and 40th Anniversary Celebration

* Planned dates and delivery format may be altered based on the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19

Plus, there will be other opportunities to engage, share stories, and find support through a new blog, webinars, personal coaching, and more.

This journey will explore new ways to deliver sport in a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment. Through our partnerships with the Canadian Centre for Ethicsin Sport and Sport Canada, EVOLVE has the potential to be replicated in all sport, with our organizations recognized as pioneers of this movement.

We hope that each of you will embrace this project fully, encourage active participation within your clubs and among your colleagues, and inspire positive changes in and out of the pool. We will be doing the same at BC Artistic Swimming and look forward to both personal and organizational growth.

Thank you for being an important part of this program. It is time to EVOLVE. The future of our sport depends on it.



 RaeAnne Rose
   Jennifer Keith
 President    Executive Director